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Defence Against the Dark Arts

potion, poison, halloween-2217630.jpg

So, what genre am I currently writing?

Good question.

By way of comparison, if I was a student at Hogwarts, the most intriguing lesson for me would be DATDA. I’d probably much prefer to trot up those moving spiral stair-cases in the direction of potions, charms and herbology. I quite like the sound of divination but Trelawney would put me off (for personal, pragmatic reasons).

Physically speaking, Defence Against the Dark Arts would be a lot like constantly playing Rugby against centaurs in PE lessons; injuries are coming. I’d dread it. I wouldn’t want it to exist anywhere on my timetable. The theory, however…

Curiously, I’d love writing about it.

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Horror as a genre is similar to DATDA. Sometimes, the players you pick don’t leave the field alive, despite their best defence. But it’s also art! It really, really is.

When I think of horror as a genre, my mind casts back to those 80s front covers – black all around – and half-a-contorted face screaming through the fractured cracks of a broken door in a futile attempt to break free. Maybe it seemed like it was all horror for horror’s sake, but a lot of those books weren’t exactly the image they bestowed in peoples’ minds.

My approach to the genre is about blending. I like the art in dark arts. Mixing the colours. Subtle shades of psychology/crime/thriller/contemporary horror/action/mystery/history etc… all blended within the pastiche of a rich backdrop brought to us by amazing authors of our past and present.

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within the pastiche of a rich backdrop brought to us by amazing authors of our past and present.

The current novel I’m working on is giving me a kick. It’s all of the above. Now, I just have to craft it into the most beautiful form I can make it. You never know until its finished, of course, but I do love the process; I really do. I’ll delve more into this genre in future posts because it’s worth discussing; particularly in terms of dispelling (😉) the notions people hold about it. If you watch any news channel, or read any news article (If it bleeds, it leads) then you’re undoubtedly side-stepping into this niche without even realising it. Of course, the lights are on when you read/see it… and humans, of course, frequently provide us the ultimate horror – on tap.

Hope you all have a great week, and I especially hope you’re taking time to do something creative.


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